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Phone, tablet or PC as a Cue system control panel

  • Runtime for control applications designed with Cue Visual Composer just like CUE’s touch panels
  • Phone, tablet, or PC can be used as a Cue System control panel
  • Compatible with latest versions of Apple iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems
  • Provides a customized user interface
  • Applications and floating licenses stored in any CUE’s controller or touch panel
  • Allows viewing live streaming video
  • Wired or wireless network communication between the control system and devices running appCUE


The appCUE application enables the use of any Apple iOS device (iPad®, iPhone®, or iPod® touch), Android tablet, or phone and any Windows PC or tablet as a Cue System control panel. It is a suitable addition to CUE’s touch panels and other control panels.
The GUI application has to be designed using standard programming tool - Cue Visual Composer, where effective application preparing is achieved by visual programming approach with drag and drop, advanced editing technique IntelliSense, export, and import of ready to use pieces of the program, and more.
Communication between the control system and control panel is based on a wired or wireless (Wi-Fi) network communication using the CUEnet2 protocol.
The appCUE for Apple iOS can be downloaded from App Store, appCUE for Android from Google Play, and appCUE for Windows from CUE’s web pages. All appCUEs are free.
The controller or touch panel (CUEunit) stores XPL2 applications and floating licenses, which can be uploaded to devices running appCUE. A specific number of licenses can be bought every time and downloaded to the unit. At the same time, the system can be controlled by max. a number of mobile devices equal to the number of stored licenses. This mechanism allows the use of any mobile device with appCUE installed. If some license is free, the control application is downloaded from the license and application server to a mobile device registered on the network.


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