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Planning & reservation tool for shared resources

  • Powerful planning & reservation application
  • User login via Microsoft identity
  • Logged-in user dashboard incl. an overview of reservations
  • Basic time filters for meeting rooms & workplace selection
  • Filters for location, area, name, room capacity, equipment, layout, etc.
  • Time-line for clear room & workplace status overview
  • Communication with calendar server and Active Directory
  • Simple room & workplace reservation
  • Ad-hoc reservation using QR code
  • Multi-room reservation in various locations - e.g. for video-conference
  • Cancel reservations
  • Room details incl. description, room layout, room picture, etc.
  • Floor plans incl. room & workplace positions and status indication


The touchONE-assist as part of the touchONE ecosystem is a user-friendly tool for quick and easy search, and reservation of meeting rooms, workplaces, and other shared resources.
The user logs in to the system using his standard account through the Microsoft interface and has a dashboard as well as an overview of his own reservations. Reservations can be canceled in this overview.
A wide range of filters makes it possible to find suitable resources exactly according to user requirements. The basis is a time filter, where the user selects a time window for booking. Additional filters allow you to select the desired locations (state, city, building) and areas (floors) to search for rooms and workplaces. Searching can be refined according to room capacity, layout, equipment, etc.
Filtered rooms and workplaces are displayed in a time-line, which simplifies the overview of the resource status. The time-line also allows for simple booking and it offers time window selection for booking multiple rooms at once. This feature greatly simplifies booking rooms in different locations when planning conference calls.
For the selected room, it is possible to display a detail that contains the room name, a short description, arrangement, and also a picture.
Another option is to display the floor plan where the room or workstation is located. The plans show the position and the status (free, occupied) of the room or workstation in different colors.


  • touchONE-assist Room | CS0600 is a room annual license.
  • touchONE-assist Workplace | CS0601 is a workplace annual license.
  • touchONE-assist Custom | CS0606 is an annual license for custom resource types - e.g. parking space, locker, bike, etc.


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